Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

As the week of our Independence Day, I thought I'd ask my 3 kids what they think of when they think of the 4th of July. Here's our top 10 list:

1. Going out in the boat on the lake. We are fortunate to have a family cottage that we spend the 4th of July on every year. These are where the memories happen.

2. Celebrating the hub's and his bro's birthday! Yep, my hub and his twin bro were really born on the 4th of July! How cool is that?

3. It is the celebration of our Independence Day. Even if we don't always know why that is important (which led to a good discussion of why it is).


5. Cousins, cousins...and more cousins! We have had 1st, 2nd, 3rd and lots removed cousins visit us for the 4th!

6. Getting together and celebrating for all kinds of different reasons! The above mentioned Independence Day and the hub's birthday are just a couple of things we have celebrated over the years on the 4th of July! We've also had graduation parties, marriages, and babies celebrated as well, among others!

7. Spectacular familial intimacy. Seeing people we don't see any other time of year just come together, have some laughs and share stories.

8. Playing in the lake all day and night. It's a true pleasure and privilege to be able to do this!

9. Awesome food! Of course, with all these people, comes incredible food and drink! We have some dishes that we like to have year after year, and others that can be brand new! What are some of your faves?

10. The more the merrier! We have had hundreds of people over the many years of celebrating the 4th of July out at the cottage! We have met some very interesting, fascinating and totally cool people! We're even related to many of them!

Happy Fourth of July week!

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