Monday, June 2, 2014

Fleeting Thoughts

Sometimes I have really great thoughts. They come into my head when my brain is wandering, unoccupied. The problem is, they are often fleeting thoughts. Usually I am by myself, so I don’t get a chance to share these thoughts with anyone. Occasionally I will be with someone, usually one of my kids, and depending on which one (as there is a 9 year age range between them), I may tell them my thought or not.
When I share thoughts with my daughter (the oldest), she tells me often that I am great, terrific, a goddess. (No joke, she calls me a goddess about once a week. Of course, I love her!) “You should share your thoughts on You Tube, or blog or something!” She tells me in her excitement.
So here I am, blogging. About what, I have no idea. The thoughts come and go quickly. All I can remember is that they were good. They put together parts of life for me. Help me reason things out: problems, fears, solutions. They give me a grand scheme theory, to help me go through my every day life with some meaning, some purpose.
Perhaps that’s why they are so brief. Because once I make sense of them, they go to the back of the line, so to speak. Being in my 40’s, that line is pretty long. It’s hard to see to the end of it sometimes. I forget who’s back there. Things get lost.

Where was I? Oh yes, fleeting thoughts. Sometimes, if I am able, I will make a note of them. That is rare. Usually I am driving in my car, or taking a shower, or doing the dishes, or laundry. It’s when my mind is bored, because my body is busy. I wish I could jot them all down and see later on if they were really as good as I thought. I’ve taken to keeping a notebook and pencil by my bed, just in case. Some weird dreams have happened, but I’m not sure those are for blogging about. I haven’t decided what to do about those.
Fleeting thoughts…I am glad for them, even if they do leave a bit too soon.

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