Monday, July 21, 2014

From the Front Door

From the front door I see the lake.
It's large, obvious, and beautiful.
I see the sun shining down on everything in its path.
I feel like I just entered a new world,
One which is peaceful, wonderful, alive.
It sends a shiver down my spine, despite the heat of the day.
The grass, trees and bushes are lush green,
And flowers show themselves like tiny dots of color all around.
There are other colors too...
Childrens' chairs, and water toys,
Flags and bathing suits,
Kayaks and boats and other floaty things.
Making a most amazing rainbow across the ground.
I want to just ride it to the water,
Leave my troubles behind.
Question everything.
Question nothing.
Go where everything is new and fresh and good.
Then I remember...
I am already here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More of My Favorite Things

It happens.
I completely forgot to blog yesterday.
I am amazed I made it this far into blogging, before I forgot.
I tend to forget things easily.
Especially if life gets in the way.
Which happens a lot in the summer.
Summer is life.
It can get in the way all it likes.
It gets in the way, and I am glad.
Glad for the sun, the warmth, the greenery all around.
Glad for the lake, the cool, beautiful, fresh water.
Glad to sit by the water and catch up with family, friends and good books.
Loving fresh, locally grown produce.
Loving the many celebrations of life and love throughout the summer time.
Loving watching my children grow up next to their cousins, as I grew up next to mine.
I even love making sure there is time to do everything we want to do in the summer!
What do you look forward to in summer time?
What things do you love about summer?
I love life, so I love summer.
Summer is life.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Personal Week: Yep, I’m Still Fat, But…

Trying for the past 15 weeks to get into shape has been rough. It’s no longer the go outside and walk, walking more and faster every week. No. I’m in my 40’s now, and that just didn’t happen like it used to. It’s been a slow, tiring progress, but a progress nonetheless.

Through these 15 weeks, I've had many sore spots, many back tracks, with lots of ice and chiropractic to help me walk on.
Just walking.
People do it every day. Then, why is it so hard?
Oh, right, because I’m fat.

Walking every week day, or at least most of them, my daily reminders that I am fat are louder than ever. Yes, I get at least one daily reminder that I am fat. Something happens, usually I run into something with my wide self, or move a certain way that hurts, or simply, my fat gets in my way. It could be any of dozens of different things that can happen on any given day. You can usually hear me simply say out loud, “Yes, I know I’m fat,” in reply. It always boggles my mind when I meet someone fat, who doesn’t realize they are so, or in denial about it, or whatever. I get at least one daily reminder a day, don’t they?

My shins screamed at me to the point of wanting to quit after the first few weeks, despite the stretching. A new pair of sneakers, and some terrific advice from friends helped that immensely. I waited the usual 4 to 6 weeks to see some improvement, to feel stronger, more limber, to be able to walk further for longer.
There really wasn't much to see.
I am a patient person, so I waited another few weeks. I know that being in my 40’s, and out of shape, things are going to take longer than ever.
I looked for the little things. Can I stretch a bit further? Yes. Good. Can I get through the walk with less pain? Yes. 
Keep going.

10 weeks came and I felt pretty good. I was still tired, when I was finished, but I recovered well, and could go about my day without feeling drained.
Keep going.
Here I am on week 15. It’s been a long process, but I can take a longer walk in the same amount of time, and I’ve added some crunches and push ups to my workout routine. Even those have increased. Finally! Some noticeable progress!
Keep going!
Up to this point, I haven’t expected significant weight loss, or to look smaller or better. I do feel better, and that’s a great start. I love it when my muscles respond to my moving without moaning and groaning about it. When I want to get up and do something, I don’t have to mentally prepare for pain. It’s dwindling, and that feels good. I want to get up and do things much more, now that it’s not so hard.
At this point, I look forward to walking on week days. I love the music on my ipod, and I got some new shorts to walk in, so I truly look forward to it. I’ve also noticed that I look better. I am only down about 5 pounds on the scale, but I know that I have built muscle too, so there is more than 5 pounds of fat that has gone. I can see it myself in the mirror, because I am looking for it. I haven’t heard anyone else tell me they’ve noticed, but I know that I am usually the first to do so. I’ve been down this road many times before. I am patient. I know it will come eventually. It’s not the reason I’ve chosen to do this, but it’s a nice perk.
Keep going.

I’ve decided to walk to be healthier. Losing fat is a side effect of healthy living. Walking has brought many things in my life to a better point. I am grateful that I can do it any time I choose. That my body will still move and respond in a positive way, even though I have spent many years avoiding taking very good care of it. I want to keep walking as a part of my health care routine. It’s not a weight loss thing, it’s a health thing. It is as good for my mind as it is for my body.
Keep going.