Monday, July 21, 2014

From the Front Door

From the front door I see the lake.
It's large, obvious, and beautiful.
I see the sun shining down on everything in its path.
I feel like I just entered a new world,
One which is peaceful, wonderful, alive.
It sends a shiver down my spine, despite the heat of the day.
The grass, trees and bushes are lush green,
And flowers show themselves like tiny dots of color all around.
There are other colors too...
Childrens' chairs, and water toys,
Flags and bathing suits,
Kayaks and boats and other floaty things.
Making a most amazing rainbow across the ground.
I want to just ride it to the water,
Leave my troubles behind.
Question everything.
Question nothing.
Go where everything is new and fresh and good.
Then I remember...
I am already here.

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