Monday, June 23, 2014

When I Found Out

It was a hectic October. We were planning our annual Halloween party, and it was always lots of fun, but very busy. Our little girl was at that tender age where all decorations for this holiday frightened her. We had to be careful with our planning for this reason.

The hub would come home from working hard during the last of his busy season, and still give his all to help get the party in order.

13 years ago. It’s hard to remember every detail.

There was a day when I calculated. You know, the usual calculation a woman does from time to time. Being so busy, I didn’t know if I added right. I was pretty sure I was late.

You know. Late.

Could it be? My heart fluttered at the thought. There had been loss earlier in the year, and I wasn’t sure I was ready yet. Was my body ready?

Next day I went out and bought a test. Wouldn’t you know it!
I felt so excited and blessed!
A bit nervous as well.

Now, how do I go about telling everyone? Obviously I told the hub first. We both felt the same way about it: happy and a little nervous.

I am cryptic here, but we lost a pregnancy about 6 months prior to this event. (That is for a whole other blog...perhaps.) So, we were a little intimidated at this surprise.

We went through the usual waiting until we were comfortable that everything was ok before sharing it with others. We went through genetic counseling. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically giving someone your biological background, so they can tell you your chances of genetic things that might go wrong.

I had an ultrasound and a CVS (Chorionic villus sampling) test. All I can remember about that was it was very early, 10 weeks, and it would tell us 100% if everything was genetically alright.

I was nervous, but hopeful. What happened before was a 1 in a million thing, and the chances of it happening again were astronomical.

It wasn’t a long wait. It was good! Everything looked wonderful!
As a genetic test, we were asked if we wanted to know the sex. I know a lot of people choose to wait, when they have their ultrasounds at 20 weeks or so. We didn’t wait for our daughter, so we thought, why wait this time?

At around 11 weeks, pregnant for the third time, we found out we were having a healthy boy.




Life goes on, with or without you. It’s all how you chose to be a part of it.

Our first son came into this world a surprise, and my easiest, quickest birth. He has brought joy and stress both (as children do), always winning us over with his amazing heart and mind.

13 years ago today.

I may not remember all the details, but I remember the feelings, and for that, I thank him. Thank you for making me a mom to a son for the first time.


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