Monday, March 31, 2014

Waiting For Spring

Winter has been long this year. Really. Really. Long.

Extreme colds and extreme hots are not my favorite weather.

I do not spend time in mid winter wishing it were 90 degrees. I hate 90 degrees as much as I hate 20 degrees.

I am more of a middle ground woman. With most things actually.

Middle temperatures are where I’m most comfortable.

Give me a day in the 70’s any time.

For that reason, I like Spring and Fall the best.

Unfortunately, these seasons are shortest where I live. They are a brief few days or a couple of weeks at best.

The rest of the time is spent freezing and trying to stay warm, or sweating while I simply sit and try to remain cool.

So I wait.

I wait for Spring and Fall.

I hope that they will come on time, and maybe have a chance at lasting a season’s worth of comfortable temperatures.

It rarely happens, but I remain hopeful each season.

So when everyone else is wanting and wishing for 80 or 90 degree days, I am silently awaiting a day in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s.

Waiting for that day when I don’t feel chilly just getting out of bed in the morning, or I don’t feel like I’m going to start on fire after my shower before I get dressed.

Not too hot.

Not too cold.

Just. Right.

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