Monday, March 24, 2014

The Moon

Ever since I was a very young child, I was entranced by the moon. I watched it follow us in the car at night. I wondered how it did that? How did it know how to go everywhere we went?

Its light is such lovely glow. It teases in the sky and gets you to look at it. It’s like a giant nightlight globe for all of us.

Looking at the moon doesn’t hurt like looking at the sun. The moon has taken just enough light from our sun so that we may share in its beauty without getting hurt. I wonder if the sun is jealous?

I remember from my childhood people talking about, “the man in the moon.” I didn’t understand what they meant. I expected to see a tiny man walking around up there, perhaps waving down at us from time to time. I never saw him.

I love when the moon is full, and it casts its silver light down on everything below. Silver light. How does it do that?

It’s no wonder there are songs, poems and legends based around the moon. It is very alluring. Simple, yet amazing at the same time. It phases in and out, and gets us to follow its schedule.

It’s a quiet temptress.

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