Monday, March 3, 2014

Dream Visits

Have you ever had dreams with people who have passed away in them? Whenever I have these dreams, the person is so clear, even if the rest of the dream is not. I believe these are visits from these people. They come to us in our dreams, because that is neither our reality or their realm (whatever that realm may be). It is a place in the middle, where anything can happen (and usually does).

Have you ever had dreams where you meet or hang out with a celebrity? I have had many of these through the years, and they always seem to come out of nowhere. The celebrity just appears, and of course there are some weird, dreamlike sequences that take place. They amuse me.

Have you ever had dreams with people you don’t know in them? I have had these as well, and always wonder if they are real people out in the world that maybe I have seen for just a second out and about and my mind simply places them in my dream? Or if there is some connection with this person out there that I don’t even know? Like somehow there is something that binds us, even though we don’t know it. We can experience the dream realm together. Somehow our minds know, even though we don’t.

Having all types of dreams makes me wonder; do the other parties in the dream have the same dream? Are we in the dream realm together? Have you ever had a dream with a friend in it, and you asked them if they had the dream too?

Even if they say no, perhaps it’s because they just don’t remember it. Perhaps because it was your dream, not theirs, that they were not meant to remember it, it was too cloudy for them. Perhaps when we don’t remember dreaming, it’s because we were pulled into someone else’s, and it was too cloudy for us.

No matter the night, everyone dreams. It’s the mind doing whatever it needs to do, without us interfering, so it can get us through the next day. So sleep on good people, sleep and dream on…

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