Monday, March 2, 2015

Mind vs. Body

Mind: Yay! A new day! So many possibilities!
Body: Shut up, I’m trying to sleep.
Mind: Aw, c’mon, get up! The sun is shining, and there are so many things we can do today!

Body: I said shut up. *Rolls over.
Mind: Ooh! Let’s bake today! You love to bake! And we can make some yummy things to eat later! You love to eat! Yummy-yum!

Body: *Groans and rolls over again. Watches tv.
Mind: See, there you go! Way to open those eyes! Now let’s get going!
Body: Dude, I’m not even awake yet. I’m just trying to give you something to do so you’ll shut up.
Mind: You know you’re waking up, and you want to get out of bed. Hey! It’s breakfast time! You love breakfast! Don’t you want to eat?

Body: You know I don’t eat for at least another hour. Talk to stomach. She’s still sleeping.
Mind: Well, let’s give her some water. That always wakes her up.
Body: Not now. Man, just watch tv for a while, would ya?
Mind: Oh, all right. But you’re going to have to get up sooner or later, so let’s just make it sooner, okay?
Body: Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. *Smiles and rolls over. Keeps watching tv.
After this show, okay?
Mind: Yay! We’re going to get up! We’re going to do so many things today! It’s going to be such a great day!
Body: (That’s what you think.)

Hence the daily struggle continues…

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