Monday, May 19, 2014

The Ultimate Understanding- A Rambling

I think the best way to understand someone is to know them. To get to know someone is a process. It takes time. It doesn't happen just because you introduced yourselves. It may not even be nice all the time. People are different. We all come from many different places, different situations, different genes, different upbringings.
Sometimes we find things out about a person we don’t like or agree with. Personally, I find I try to stay away from these people. Nobody is perfect, including me, so perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh. (But I have that keep-myself-happy thing in my brain, so it tends to push me away.)
Lately however, I feel like people need a more worldwide understanding about ourselves.
Why do we fight? Why do we have war? If we knew the people we fought with, perhaps we’d be more understanding about them. Perhaps we wouldn't find it necessary to fight.
To know someone.
Talking, sharing times, laughing, finding common interests, and really knowing the ones that were once different. These are ways we get to know someone. Sometimes we get to know a person so well, and we like the same things as they do. We put our lives closer to theirs, because it makes us happy.
Sometimes we are forced to be around people we are different from. Perhaps we go to school, or work with them. Maybe their a member of our families. They do things different than we do, so we don’t like spending time with them. We find a way to put up with their differences, because we have no choice. Perhaps we find that we can be near them, despite the differences. Perhaps there are things that are fun, or silly, or smart, or creative, or intelligent, or philosophical, or what have you, that you find interesting about those people. And even though you have differences too, there are one or two things that are similar, so you can get along.
Learning to get along.
Knowing each other.
Ultimate understanding.
I think that’s the key to world peace. I mean, I don’t even know if I believe in world peace, because I know how idealistic and Utopian it sounds. But I guess I always did believe it would be nice. Really nice.

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