Monday, April 21, 2014

Shower Thoughts: When the Past Sneaks Up On You

Sometimes when I’m in the shower, my mind wanders to the past. Some past event in my life that for some reason caused me stress or sadness. I hate it when my mind wanders here. Who wants to find stressful things to think about?

Sometimes I let it play out. Maybe for some reason there was something my mind needed to work on with this memory. Sometimes I just get mad at my brain and yell at it and then think of something else on purpose. Either way, I never seem to understand why my mind wandered there to begin with.

Perhaps I was talking about a person, or a place, or a time recently, and it made my mind come up with this event. Maybe there was a song on the radio that brought my brain to these moments. I don’t think I shall ever truly know.

Lately I find that if I let it play out, it fizzles and ends up down the drain with the suds. As much as I may not like them sneaking up on me, something in my brain feels satisfied with playing it until the end. Maybe I just didn't have the energy to fight it off this time.

Mostly I think I just don’t like the sneak attack.

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