Monday, June 13, 2016

I Don't Care If a Gay Club Got Shot Up

Like the title says, I don't care that a gay club got shot up.

What?! How could I say that?!

Because it's horrific regardless of the sexual preference of the people in the club.

I don't care if the shooter had "issues" for years before this.

I'm sick of hearing about how these ultra violent psychopaths had "issues".

But did ANYONE do ANYTHING about them???


We wait until something tragic, horrible, unimaginable happens. Then we look at the killer's life with sadness and anger in our hearts.

We criticize everything about that person's life. We wonder, "Why didn't someone know before this?" Or, "Why didn't someone help this person, or put this person away before they went crazy?"

I don't care about gun control.

It's completely politically incorrect to say that, and I don't care. I'm sick of political agendas being attached to human tragedies and having those tragedies exploited for political gain.

Killing people is a tragic thing. Mass killings under any religion, terrorist group, radical beliefs, political views, or any other reason you can think of is wrong. Killing is horrible. To take a life away from this earth before it was ready is not anyone's business to do.

What about killing for a cause? Aren't there wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of people in the name of freedom, or power, or promises?

Yes, and they're wrong. All killing is wrong. It's unfortunate that we, as a human race seem to drive ourselves to it time and time again. It is the extreme we go to to prove a point. A point that we lose sight of when the killing starts.

Then it simply becomes kill or be killed. Protect yourselves and your loved ones, or surrender your weapons to a government so they will "protect" you. (Not really a fan of that last.)

So, where does this leave us as the human race? What are we doing here? Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

Peace and love, and peace and love. We preach it, but do we practice it?

Do we love each other every single day?

Do we love the psychopaths before they commit mass murder?

Do we love the radical terrorists after they suicide bomb?

Do we love the "crazy" neighbor down the street.

Do we teach our children to love the misfit in the classroom, on the playground, on the bus? Do we love the misfit?

Because we need to. We need to love all of them as much as we love ourselves and our loved ones.

Maybe therein lies the problem...

Do we love ourselves???

If we did, I'm pretty sure we couldn't take another life, no matter the sex, race, religion, sexual preference of another.

When we start to teach our children to love themselves and to treat others as they would want to be treated (oh, is my Catholic showing? #sorrynotsorry), perhaps then we can spread the love to those who are in true need.

I do care that there was so much senseless violence over the weekend, and continues every single day in every part of the world. I pray for peace and love every day, and strength to help others in need.


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