Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Book Review: Soul Keeper, The Series by L.A. Starkey

Soul Keeper, The SeriesSoul Keeper, The Series by L.A. Starkey
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This series is simply amazing. An in depth, intimate look into the lives of the Greek gods unlike any other I've read in the past. Oh, they are still up to no good, manipulating the lives of humans and each other. But in this story, L.A. Starkey gives us a much closer look at what makes them do the things they do bringing us closer to the lives of gods than ever before.
Deceived is where we meet Sam, and her friend Julie. Two teenage girls seemingly average. Strangers enter their lives, and the Greek tragedies as we know and love them are swung into motion. Here we see Sam learn of her destiny. How she comes to terms with it is lovely in this first book of the series.
This brings us to Destroyed. Not only the name of the second story in this series, but the continuation of Sam's journey. We are brought right along with her, when she is swept up in a quest, furthering the tragic events. The development of characters, Sam, Julie, Marcus, Nick and Stephanie are remarkable. You feel each one's decisions, heartbreak, excitement and sadness.
Finally, we enter the Descent. "At the core of every evil is pain." By this time we even get an inside look at the feelings and heads of the gods. It's something I wondered whether or not would be done right, and rest assured, it was. These gods became more real to me than ever before, and it was a thrilling ride!
This series brought me through just about every emotion there is. From sadness, fear and heartbreak to lust, deceit, friendship and true love, this series was truly special. The writing is fantastic, and I felt like it was from the depths of my own head and thoughts. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys stories about relationships, love and adventure!

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  1. Great story, but extremely ignorant to Greco paganism, or very offensive! I think I'm gonna write a novel of a whiskey drinking, dope smoking, man whore, douchebag biker Jesus Christ! About same type of offensive to the pagans out there!